How to use AI for copywriting

Shamoon Siddiqui

June 7, 2021

Content creation used to be hard and time-consuming, but thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, it’s now easier than ever before! Whether you want to craft product descriptions, student papers, emails, business articles, social media posts or fiction, there's an AI-powered tool called Wordblot out there that can help you write like you never thought possible - without having to learn any new skills. This article will explain how artificial intelligence can help you create content better than a professional copywriter. Let's take a look at a few different ways AI tools can help help you with your copy.

Blog Posts

Regardless of whether it’s about writing for a blog post or crafting a sales letter in the form of an email newsletter, creating compelling headlines and catchy subheadlines is one of the most important steps for businesses. AI tools like Wordblot can use natural language processing to further your writing skills by analyzing text, extracting key phrases from certain sections in a piece or even using them as headlines when adding content to your story’s body content.

Product Descriptions

If you have products that you need to write additional content for, Wordblot can help with that as well. Its unique feature enables you to add product details based on content that your copywriter already wrote. It can match the tone and style of the written copy, which you can then edit those into more detailed descriptions within the tool itself. There are several tools built right into Wordblot , like our incredible "autocreate," that lets you create new sentences automatically through machine learning rather than having to manually type out each sentence yourself. Good product descriptions lead to better SEO and higher rankings in search engines, so get started today!

Copy for Ads

Whether you're trying to write ads for Facebook, Google, or Reddit, we've got you covered. We'll help you write ad-ready copy full of words related to your product or service without getting bogged down too much about the actual structure of what it should be. The best part? You can use our tools to automatically predict the next word, phrase, sentence or more from any line of text -- just start typing how you want something to come across and we'll pull up suggestions as you type. That's all there really needs to sound natural: a little human input along with technology helping us generate content faster while also saving time by speeding up the writing process (and therefore saving you both time and money). Better ads result in more conversions, which ultimately leads to more sales. Wordblot is topic agnostic and uses machine learning to identify common phrases that people will respond to.

Technical Articles

You can use our technical article writing tool to create articles on anything ranging from web development tips & tricks through to business strategy; the tools in Wordblot can easily transform written work into beautiful, impactful documents. Our advanced text analysis software helps you spot mistakes before they even happen! Imagine having access to not just one copywriter, but a small legion of them! That's the promise of artificial intelligence and the power of Wordblot and its natural language processing engine. You can craft your own unique article using our powerful, yet simple-to-use article prediction tools.

Student and Academic Work

As a student, nothing is more painful than having to submit an assignment or term paper due tomorrow when you haven't even started - but fear not, Wordblot has tools to help! You can write essays for yourself with our predictive artificial intelligence that will help you fill out any section completely automatically. The best part? You don’t have to worry about grammar or spelling errors because our tools can handle that as well. Machine learning is also used to improve academic papers by adding content that's straight to the point. Always submit your best work with Wordblot .


Artificial intelligence can be used to accelerate your copywriting process at every stage: from writing original content to curating articles with our AI tools — all without giving up on the quality it takes to create great content. By using Wordblot , you'll save time so you can focus on creating better content designed to engage your audience.

Wordblot helps you write faster and better than you ever thought it would be possible. The AI-generated predictions and completions read like a well-written book to improve your word choice and vocabulary skills too. When words magically appear, writer’s block is a thing of the past. Give it a try now to create that masterpiece, manuscript or simply jump right into your next piece with confidence, knowing this tool has been proven effective before.


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